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Dear Neighbors,

In these difficult times, we want to be a resource and valuable service to our community. So we have reinvented ourselves. As you know, our restaurant (Cascade Room) has been temporarily closed to support the social distancing required at this time. We have regeared and are now offering something new,
Durham Springs To Go

We are focusing our menu options to provide hearty items that can best accommodate packing and travel. Hence, all sauces and dressings are served on the side.

Here is our special consideration. Every item you choose will be prepared fresh for you. When you call to place an order, please give us an exact time you intend to pickup your meal. As well as we can, we will time everything to be ready at the assigned time.

As a special consideration for our neighbors, if you have self-quarantined, we will arrange no-contact delivery for you. Simply let us know.

We hope you enjoy the food and we want to thank you for the support that will allow us to return to the full experience of Durham Springs when these times have passed.

Best regards,

Dan and Ian
The Owners

Thank you for supporting local business

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5065 Lehnenberg Road, Kintnersville, PA