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Our Approach to Events

With an event, people have something to communicate. Private, corporate or non-profit, the hosts have a style to represent, a product to sell, people to thank or funds to be raised. Be it a grand celebration or a streamlined presentation, there is usually an agenda that comes before all other considerations...and this agenda must be addressed first.

When one follows with the right combination of environment, great food, beverage and service and you have the winning ticket, the passport to grateful guests having a good time and the feeling conveyed.

Sometimes quite elegant, sometimes neatly tailored to a specific intended result, sometimes just a great festive atmosphere and...yes...sometimes a little wild, here are few.

Review the vast body of work done in New York City and now available in Pennsylvania.

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Meet Dan Fehlig

Design & Coordination

In addition to all the amenities of Durham Springs, you'll also have access to Dan Fehlig, who boast years of excellence in creating perfect visions for events of all kinds, on premise and off premise.

Dan has designed events for scales from 15 to 1500, everywhere from The Met to a 500 square foot bike room, and is always hungry for a new challenge.