Durham Springs

We’re bringing back the 1730s farm and revitalizing Cascade Lodge 

The original farm house was built in the 1730s.  This bucolic setting was transformed to Cascade Lodge by Captain Ernest Knuth and his wife, Paula, in 1939.  Over the years additions were added to the farm house to make up the profile that so many visitors knew most recently.  While it truly started as a lodge, the success of the restaurant took over the demand for available space.

Cascade Lodge was the place to be.  There are innumerable stories about how many special occasions were shared at the restaurant.  This was the destination for weddings, proposals, first dates, anniversaries, proms, birthdays and family reunions.  

Co-founders Dan Fehlig and Ian Humphreys purchased the restaurant and 33 plus acres of the original farm in the spring of 2017 and began the renovations slated to be completed in early Fall, 2018.  Sandy Knuth, the widow of Captain Knuth's son, Howard, handed over the reins of Cascade with a promise from Dan and Ian to revitalize and carry on the legacy.

The property has been renamed Durham Springs, Culinary Event Center, to celebrate the springs that cascade down the hill forming the series of ponds. The site is a center to celebrate all things culinary and all things pertaining to events.  One of the old wings is replaced by the new barn. a great room for special events.  The new name also helps delineate from the new restaurant called . . .Cascade.  The restaurant name was maintained to carry on the heritage and to honor all those for whom the location was the site for special moments in their lives.